Research Insights Newsletter, Summer 2020

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Consumers demand that brands backup statements in support of Black Lives Matter with actions. Using Suzy, a real-time market research platform, 4A’s Research surveyed 500 White and 500 Black consumers to learn the actions consumers want to see from brands.


Key findings:
  • Donating to social causes is the number one action consumers want to see from brands.
  • The majority of consumers want companies to take action internally to update policies and establish an equal working environment.
  • 79% of Black consumers and 76% of white consumers think it’s likely brands will follow through on their pledged actions to support Black Lives Matter. Black men are the most optimistic.
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Nearly two-thirds of consumers say a brand’s advertising now will influence their decision to use that brand in the future, according to a recent survey 4A’s Research conducted in partnership with Instapanel.

We found that consumers have positive attitudes towards brands that show genuine compassion, communicate relief efforts, and reflect the current reality in advertising. Consumers also tend to purchase more from brands that demonstrate social responsibility.

Consumers have negative impressions and stop supporting brands that put out insincere ads, or appear to take advantage of the situation for their own benefits. 

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4A’s Research partnered with Researchscape to survey over 1000 people to learn about their virtual event attendance. We found that there’s an opportunity for brands to reach untapped consumers.


Here are a few tips to make your (or your client’s) next virtual event a success:
  • Consumers turn to online events to supplement activities they participated in pre-COVID.
  • Promote your events through social media.
  • Consumers, especially Hispanic and African-American consumers, are interested in events from their favorite brands.
  • Recorded events are more popular. If you have a live event, give consumers access to the recorded version when it’s available.
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