Project Management Materials Repository

There are individuals in multiple agency communities that are engaged in a variety of ways in managing projects in their agencies. The purpose of this site is to provide to those individuals resources and related guidance that will enable them to be better equipped to address the many challenges they encounter in those activities involving their project management responsibilities.

4A’s will be proactive in curating and posting materials to this site. Our engagement with the members of the agency Project Management Community shows that as a group, individuals who assume roles and duties associated with this agency discipline want not only to be proficient in their roles, but also maintain a strong commitment to support their industry peers. In recognition of this commitment, 4A’s supports and welcomes the sharing of information among the members of our Project Management Community.

To those 4A’s members who would like to discuss adding information to this project management materials’ repository, please contact Sal Conte at

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Project Management Matters | Managing Global/Virtual Account Teams |

This Project Management Matters includes techniques and approaches that will help you to manage your global/virtual account teams in a way that ensures consistent campaign execution, margin enhancement and client satisfaction.

4A’s "Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments" Guidance

Management Services

To assist 4A’s members in addressing the many aspects involved in assessing and structuring project assignments, an “Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments” guidance and discussion Wiki workspace has been created.

Agency Best Practices – Project-Based Assignments |

For an outline of topics relating to agency best practices on various project-based assignments, please refer to the the following overview.

Project Management Matters | Agency Project Management |

This report is provided to assist agency management in developing and implementing Project Management (PM) roles and processes within their agencies