How To Set Up Your My 4A's Page

A place to view the 4A’s content that matters most to you.


Introduced with the June, 2016 redesign of the 4A’s website, “My 4A’s” is a feature enabling you to build a custom view of 4A’s content, based on a few simple preferences. It’s part of your login account profile. This feature is available regardless of your membership status (although if any “members-only” content matches your interests, you’ll only be able to read it if your account is associated with a 4A’s member agency).

Getting Started

Even if you are a long-term visitor of the 4A’s website, you’ll need to set up your “My 4A’s” page before you can see any personalized content.

For the sake of this article, we’ll assume you already have a login account and are logged into the 4A’s website. After that, it all begins with the “Account” button on the upper right corner of our website:


You can click on this button at any time to expose the other options available to you:


Click the “My 4A’s” option. If you haven’t previously set up this feature, you’ll see a message like the one below:


As you might expect, you can simply click on the link “personalized tags”. You’ll be brought to a simple form:


Each of these fields is optional. You can add multiple tags to each field, or leave a field blank if you choose.



When you are finished, click the update button. The next time you return to your My 4A’s page, it will be show a sortable list of content matching the preferences you indicated.